For better or worse or until we go broke. We get married for love but divorced for money. A Salt Lake City divorce attorney can help when it’s time to say goodbye. Divorce attorneys can help look at assets, finances and debts to build a plan of action. You will learn how much a divorce will cost and what it takes to split those finances. If you are getting married and wanting to protect your finances, it is important to meet with divorce attorney in Salt Lake City to draft a prenuptial agreement. The prenup will lay out some ground rules in the unfortunate circumstance of a divorce.


Many couples end in divorce because they have not been honest with each other about their financials like debt and payments owed. Spouses even keep accounts hidden from each other. In marriage, honesty is always the best policy. Hiding and lying about an account or a debt that will eventually come to light makes your partner question your integrity. They will wonder what else you have been hiding and why. Your spouse is meant to be your partner in the good and bad times but they can’t help you through the bad if they don’t even know it exists.

50/50 Isn’t Working

The 50/50 rule doesn’t work for everyone especially when one spouse makes a significant amount more than the other. You start off thinking that splitting the bills down the middle is fair and equal but have not taken into account each other’s income. One of you is a writer making $40k a year and the other is a computer security specialist making $60k a year. Your fixed expenses each other month leave the writer with $400 left over for spending and the computer tech with $800 each month. The writer begins to question their spouse’s spending habits and builds resentment for not being able to spend as much. Maybe do 60/40 is a better system for this couple so all the bills are paid, there is more spending money and less arguments.

Power Balance

Life happens and situations may arise where only one spouse is working at the time. The breadwinner feels that because they are the only working they can dictate where the money is spent. The unemployed or lower earning spouse feels they bring nothing or very little to the table. Their self worth and self esteem become increasingly lower and arguments increase leading to an inevitable visit to a Salt Lake City divorce attorney.

Money Resentment

With so many financial issues boiling under the surface, couples quickly begin to build resentment towards each other. This sends them on a downward spiral often ending in separation and divorce. One spouse blames the other for all the financial struggle they are facing together. Others aren’t happy with the power structure and cannot work past it. When thinking of a separation or divorce contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney to discuss options. Couples may find the problem can be fixed with a postnuptial agreement which can also be established with a divorce attorney from AULT Firm.