In the past hour there were over 100 searches for divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City alone with thousands more throughout the country. Finding a divorce attorney online has become the main method of contact for couples. Previously , the only way to find an attorney was through word of mouth or by driving around looking for a law office. This also left no privacy or convenience. Divorces should be a private matter and one partner is typically looking for a divorce without having informed the other yet. Other times you are just looking for information during a rough time. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want your entire family and friends group knowing about your marital problems before your spouse does. So , why else do spouses look for Salt Lake City divorce attorneys online?

Online Reviews

Most attorney’s feature reviews from previous clients that give potential clients an idea of what to expect from the attorney. There will always be good and bad reviews for an attorney since not every case can be resolved favorably. Read both types of reviews and determine how much weight you want to give them. Do not base your entire decision on previous reviews however. Divorce cases invoke a lot of emotions and when things don’t go a client’s way they tend to let out some anger on the divorce attorney. When there is an overwhelming amount of negative reviews this might be a sign to steer clear of this attorney.


Finding a divorce attorney online is much more convenient than asking friends and family. Calling your mom, dad, grandma and brother to ask if they know someone or know someone who knows someone takes a lot of time and energy. Instead you can easily go online and do a search which brings up a great amount of options. The search can be narrowed down to your area and case type. Once on an attorney website you can fill out a contact form or call them directly for more information. Websites will also provide an array of information before you even speak to a Salt Lake City divorce attorney. Sometimes you are just looking for a little bit of information before taking the plunge. Divorce, just like marriage, is a major life change and some spouses back out after conducting some research.


In different times, the moment you sought a consultation with a divorce attorney everyone found out immediately. Now, you can find and contact a Salt Lake divorce attorney without having anyone including your spouse find out. The attorney is bound by law to keep any information discussed private. They can also advise you of the next steps to take if you’re in a situation where things need to be done cautiously. It could be a domestic violence situation or a controlling spouse who watches your every move. The AULT firm can help review your case and lead you in the right direction during this difficult time.