A child custody battle is one of the more emotional and challenging parts of a divorce, so it is important to do your research before proceeding.

Custody and all that comes with it is incredibly complex, and its dispute can lead to major conflict and acrimonious feelings. Unfortunately, wanting to win the fight isn’t enough. There are several things you should do, and just as importantly, things you should avoid doing.  

Today we will be discussing what you should do during a child custody battle.

The Dos of Custody Battles

Increase your odds of winning your custody battle by doing the following:

Exercise Your Parental Rights 

It is essential to your case that you exercise your parental rights. This will show the court you are genuinely interested and invested in your kids. Do your best to spend as much time with your children as possible. In addition to fun activities and outings, make sure to participate in the normal, every day parts of life with them, such as chores and homework. Show the judge that can handle the challenging aspects of parenthood, too.

Willingness to Cooperate

It is important to demonstrate a willingness to work with the other parent. In some extreme cases, parents have lost custody battles because they were unwilling to cooperate with their ex-spouse. So, while you may not choose to remain married to your ex, you need to remember they are still a part of your children’s lives. Showing the court that you are willing to work together will help your case immensely.

Familiarize Yourself with Family Law Basics

Before your court hearings, study your state’s child custody laws to know what to expect beforehand. Working with an experienced and knowledgable family law attorney that can help you understand these laws is ideal, too.

Request an In-Home Evaluation

If you believe your ex will try to make you look bad, you can ask for an in-home custody evaluation. A neutral party will evaluate your parenting style and living situation and report back to the court. This visit can put any questions of negative home life to rest.

Document Everything 

In cases where you believe your kids are unsafe with your ex (history of violence, substance abuse, etc.), it is crucial to document every interaction with your ex and your kids’ interactions. Save emails, texts, and take photos if necessary.

Impressions Matter

As silly as it may seem, impressions and perception matter. This is especially true for the court and their perceptions of you and your ex. Do everything possible to present yourself in a positive light to the judge. Make sure you come across as a loving, competent, concerned, and involved parent. Additionally, make sure you are on time, are appropriately dressed for court, and use courtroom etiquette throughout your hearing.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of today’s topic: The Don’ts of Child Custody Battles. 

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