A complicated and overwhelming part of divorce is determining child custody, and you do not want an aggressive child custody battle on your hands. 

Winning these complex battles can be challenging. However, knowing what to do and what not to do can make all the difference. Doing certain things can hurt your case and ruin your chances of winning. Last time, we discussed the dos of child custody battles. Today, we are diving into the don’ts.

Continue reading to learn what to avoid doing while trying to win custody.

The Don’ts of Custody Battles 

Here is a brief overview of what not to amid a child custody battle:

Avoid Negative Talk Concerning Your Ex

As tempting as it may be, do your best to not talk poorly about your ex-spouse, especially in front of your kids. Instead, find positive things to say about the other parent, even when your children bring up challenging topics. While remaining honest, keep things on a lighter, positive note. If you must vent, confide in a trusted family member, friend, or counselor.

Avoid the Misuse of Drugs and Alcohol

It is imperative to avoid things that can be documented and used against you, must as misusing drugs or alcohol. Being a committed parent includes making good life choices for yourself, which, in turn, protects your children’s overall well-being.

Avoid Being Tardy

Being late for visits and pickups can come across as an uncommitted parent. Avoid this negative impression by being on time when you visit your kids or are scheduled to pick them up. Being prompt shows that your children are a priority, and you are committed to them. While divorce is hard on you and your ex, it is especially difficult for your kids. Every chance you get to show them that they matter to you, you should take.

Avoid Rescheduling Parent-Time

In addition to being punctual, do your best to avoid rescheduling time with your kids. Frequent rescheduling of parent-time will, again, come across as uncommitted and flaky — two things of which a judge is not keen. Do your best to be there when you say you will be there and follow through.

Avoid Being Noncompliant

During your custody battle, it is essential to comply with and follow all of the court’s requests. Now is the time to show the judge how serious you are about caring for your children. If they require you to enroll in a parenting class or to find a therapist, do it!

Avoid Involving Your Children

Sharing details about your case with your kids might be tempting, but it is best to leave them out of it. Let your kids be kids and avoid placing the heavy burden of this complex issue on their shoulders. Answer questions honestly as they arise, but avoid frequent, freely-given updates.

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