A contentious divorce is not good for anyone. It can be costly and time consuming. This is why many couples hire A Salt Lake City mediation attorney to make sure the divorce process goes smoothly. Most divorce issues including child custody, child support, visitation, retirement and property division may require mediation. Although it is not mandatory is the smarter approach to getting a divorce amicably.

When kids are involved

Divorce cases involving children can benefit from experienced mediation in so many ways. One of the most common reasons for mediation are child custody and support. Divorce attorneys are neutral and they will consider both sides of the story when making important decisions. The best interests of the children is their main focus and goal. Children-related decisions can be very stressful for divorcing parents. However, a mediator can appease the situation before going to trial. In many cases, trial may not be necessary if both parties can agree on the most important aspects of the divorce process.

How can mediators help in cases of domestic violence?

Mediators may also be necessary in cases involving domestic violence. The mediator will make sure everything is discussed in the safest environment possible. Unfortunately, there have been instances where victims of abuse have been hurt by a former spouse or partner after a mediation but these cases are very rare. As long as safety is ensured, the negotiation strategies can be very effective.

What are the responsibilities of the mediator?

A mediator will make sure that all negotiations are conducted in an amicable manner and both parties achieve their desired goals. All decisions are voluntary and if one of the parties refuses to cooperate, the mediator may not continue with such cases.

Preparing for divorce mediation

Once you have decided to mediate, you should organize yourself. Set realistic goals with your former spouse. It can be somewhat difficult as you will need some time and patience to figure out what’s truly important to both of you. Make sure you hire an experienced mediator. Mediation is often more affordable and confidential than litigation.

How we can help you

Every case is different and so are the needs of every individual and family. All information is always kept confidential as well as every detail the divorcing parties share. Divorce mediation can help settle disputes in a peaceful manner. It also avoids some divorce cases from going to an unnecessary trial.

A divorce mediation can be helpful, notwithstanding the circumstances surrounding your divorce case. There are some expectations, however, that may not need such intervention as long as both parties are agreeable. Explore your options by calling us today and scheduling a case assessment with Salt Lake City mediation attorney Christopher M. Ault. We understand that divorce is not an easy decision but we are prepared to handle your case.