Navigating a separation from your spouse is one of the more challenging obstacles you may face in life. It can be painful, heartbreaking, and complicated. With a range of emotions, you will surely feel, it may be challenging to know what to do and, possibly, more importantly, what not to do.

Learn more about what you should avoid doing during your separation in today’s blog post below.

Don’t Stifle Your Feelings

Divorce will make you feel many different emotions. It is entirely reasonable to feel every emotion under the sun. Let yourself feel those feelings. Working through them helps to bring clarity and lifts the haze that separation can bring.

Many people amid a separation seek the counsel of a therapist or life coach. A counselor or coach can aid in processing feelings, help you gain insight and perspective, and can improve your communication skills. You and your spouse may want to consider doing couples therapy to work through any issues together with an unbiased third party.

Avoid Saying or Doing Something You’ll Regret

Because you will likely feel many different emotions, you mustn’t let your emotions take over and get the best of you. Your relationship with your spouse will be better if you do not act out of passion (especially when it comes to being angry, frustrated, or jealous).

Be cautious of what you say and how you say it. Be careful of your actions and behavior. You do not want to say or do something that you wouldn’t want your children or a judge to know. Keep your words and actions respectful, courteous, and gracious.

Do Not Make it Public Knowledge

Keeping your separation on a need-to-know basis will benefit you and your relationship in the long run. As soon as people learn about your separation, they will form an opinion. It is likely these people do not know the full story and may make negative judgments that don’t go away.

If you hope to reconcile your relationship, do not involve unnecessary people. Share your news with those you trust and are close to you, those that have to know, and, if applicable, your counselor.

Do Not Involve the Children

Separation is incredibly complicated in and of itself. However, when children are in the picture, it is even more complex and changes everything. The complexities of separation can cause the big picture to be lost, and children end up taking the brunt of it. This can cause kids to become anxious and feel as though they need to pick sides.

Do not involve your children in the confrontation. Do not argue in their presence. Do not discuss details or intricacies of your separation around them. Avoid putting them between you and your spouse. Speak kindly and respectfully of your spouse in front of them.

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