Going through a divorce can be one of the more difficult things in life. However, when children are involved, it can become even more difficult.

For those sharing custody of their children, ties cannot be severed entirely with an ex. You still need some sort of relationship with one another to make parenting work. This is where parallel parenting comes into play.

Continue reading if you would like to learn more about parallel parenting and the keys to being a successful parallel parent.

What is Parallel Parenting?

Parallel parenting is a parenting style for divorced parents that allows each parent to disengage
from one another while raising their children. Parents have limited contact with one another to avoid contentious situations.

Parallel parenting is all about keeping the peace, setting aside differences, and putting the children first. In ideal parallel parenting cases, there is little to no verbal communication; almost all contact is through either text, email, or a mediator.

Both parents address the “big” decisions (medical, education, religion, etc.) together; however, each parent will parent how they wish during their allotted time. Smaller, day-to-day decisions are to be handled by the parent the child is with. Parallel parenting works best when both parents agree to stick to “the rules” and not interfere with the other’s right to parent.

Why Parallel Parenting?

Figuring out the logistics of parenting alongside your ex-spouse is not only tricky but can also be frustrating. Often these situations are not amicable, and co-parenting is not a realistic option. Parallel parenting is ideal for parents that have gone through a high-conflict divorce because it requires the least amount of contact and interaction between the parents.

Parallel parenting is not a one-size-fits-all method and can be tailored to each family’s specific needs. Parallel parenting puts the attention, focus, and emphasis on the kids. It allows each parent to have and nurture a relationship with the children while avoiding potential conflict with the ex-spouse.

What are the Keys to Successful Parallel Parenting?

Acceptance of Limited Control: Successful parallel parenting means to accept the limited amount of control you have. You cannot control the other parent’s time and what is done during their time.

Minimal Contact: Avoid verbal contact if the situation is hostile or unfriendly. Communicating with an uncooperative ex-spouse is often tricky. Limit your communication to email/text and avoid unnecessary interaction.

Communicate in a Respectful and Business-Like Manner: When communication is necessary, do so in a respectful and business-like manner. To do this, you should keep things brief and to the point, include all the essential and relevant information, be courteous and kind, and respectfully firm when necessary.

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