When people think of alimony and child support, they usually assume it is the man who is paying them. A new survey may tell us that times are changing. In a recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 54 percent of the attorneys said they see an increase in the number of mothers paying child support and 45 percent see an increase in women paying alimony.

As we have moved into an era where women’s salaries are nudging closer to equality with men’s, often we see that women are the main breadwinners for a family.

“While men have almost always expected to pay alimony, many women still have a very difficult time accepting that this financial obligation might fall to them, said Madeline Marzano-Lesnevich.

We know that divorce is not something people plan on, but it is sometimes necessary. There are so many issues that need to be ironed out that it can be impossible to handle everything without skilled legal representation.

At the Ault Firm, our divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City can help you through the process.

Divorce Is Messy

Whether you have been together for a few years or a few decades, it is likely that separation will be messy. The Utah divorce rate is almost equal to the United States divorce rate, at around 3.6 divorces per 1,000 persons.

There are many things to consider in a divorce, but we want to talk three of the most common issues: child custody, child support, and alimony.

Child Support

Under Utah law, both parents are required to continue to support their children after a divorce. The court will look at many things when determining the amount each parent must pay. Much of this will have to do with where the child resides most of the time because that person will be paying more expenses already.

The court will also look closely at both parents’ incomes to determine a proper payment. Anytime either parents’ living situation changes (new job, lost job, new living situation, arrest) the amount can be adjusted by the court.

Child Custody

There are two kinds of child custody. Legal custody determines which parents gets to make legal decisions for the child. This includes things like their medical requirement and education. Physical custody deals with where the child will reside. Both types of custody can be sole and joint custody.


The court will try to ensure that both parties maintain an equal lifestyle to the one they had during the marriage. If one party makes more than the other, they will likely be required to pay the other party alimony. This can be adjusted and has limits.

What You Can Do

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved and if there are children, the situation becomes even harder to deal with. The legal complexities of divorce make it difficult to handle without a skilled team working with you. That is why the Ault Firm wants to help. When you need a Salt Lake City divorce attorney, we will be here to ensure that you are treated fairly. Do not let your spouse take your children or force you to overpay alimony and child support. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 801-539-9000 for a consultation.