While over 40% of marriages in the United States result in divorce, couples entering a marriage do not plan on their relationship ending. Of these divorces, close to half involve children. More and more of these parents are embracing single parenthood and the changes it brings. Even though a marriage ends, some sort of relationship is required with one another to help maintain the relationship with their children. Co-parenting is a good option that offers many benefits to the family that will help each flourish. 


You can learn a few reasons why implementing co-parenting is a good idea below.


Happy, Healthy Children

Studies show that kids are happier and healthier when they can spend time with both parents after divorce. When parents can put their disagreements aside and avoid conflict, they provide their children with a unique situation that gives them a sense of normalcy. Additionally, co-parenting brings stability into the equation in which children thrive.


No Missing Out

Sharing custody of children can lead to one parent or the other missing out on events, holidays, or other exciting moments, which can be hard on both the child and the parent. Co-parenting allows for the inclusion of both parents, helping the family remain as much of one unit as possible. Even when it is not your scheduled parent time, co-parenting gives you the chance to attend the crucial moments in your child’s life.


Less Conflict

Co-parenting requires the couple to stay in each other’s lives, which leads to a new kind of bond. Co-parenting allows parents to create a different and healthier relationship. This results in much less conflict and becomes an excellent opportunity to show their children what a healthy, positive post-marriage relationship can be.


Positive Home Environment

When the parents are happy, the kids have a better chance of being happy, too. Children that are required to live in an unhappy home, filled with negative energy, cannot thrive like those living in a happy home. If having two happy homes gives them that opportunity, it is worth it. Moreover, two homes often give children more opportunities, like increased social circles.


Teach Your Kids about Real Life

Co-parenting gives you a unique opportunity to teach your children about the realities of life. Unfortunately, life is not a fairytale and is not perfect. Co-parenting lets you teach your kids to make the most of a situation and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to life’s bumps. Life does not need to perfect to be happy — a lesson best learned early.


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