Can You Get Back Together After Legal Separation?

Contrary to popular belief, legal separations are not the same thing as a divorce. If you and your former spouse went for a legal separation, then you still can legally get back with your former spouse if you reconcile with that person. This process is known as a reversal, and courts have a specific process […]

How Legal Separation Impacts Kids

Legal separation affects a significant portion of children, with studies finding that half of all children in the United States will witness the ending of their parent’s marriage. Separation has short-term and long-term effects on children and can impact their development into adulthood. Although you don’t want your children to suffer, you and your spouse […]

Why Try Legal Separation?

If you and your spouse can’t stop arguing and you have both concluded that marriage is no longer right for the two of you, hold off on getting a divorce. Before officially filing for a divorce, it might benefit both you and your spouse to try legal separation first. Legal separation is an arrangement in […]

Is Legal Separation Permanent?

People use divorce and legal separation interchangeably, but they are not the same. Although both are different types of separations that two people can consider, the two come with their own processes and legal agreements. The main difference between divorce and legal separation is that legal separation is not permanent. In contrast, if you and […]

How To Move From Legal Separation To Divorce

A legal separation is not a dissolution of marriage. In order to officially dissolve a marriage, you must go through the formal divorce process. If you originally file for a legal separation but later decide you would prefer a divorce, then you will need to convert your case into one for divorce. In Utah, you […]

The Financial Benefits of Legal Separation

Legal separation is a court-honored agreement that allows couples to retain their marital status while living apart. There are many benefits to obtaining a legal separation including providing parameters for co-parenting, leaving the door open for reconciliation, and giving yourself time to test the waters of divorce before making a decision. Among the many benefits […]

5 Myths About Going Through Divorce

Divorce is never easy, but a surplus of myths surrounding divorce can make it even more difficult. These myths can prevent you from protecting yourself and your needs. It’s easy to come across misinformation that is misleading and harmful. Identifying the truth about divorce is essential for making the process as pain-free as possible. Here […]

How To Build a Connection With A Child You Don’t Have Custody Of

Your divorce is finalized and now you are trying to pick up your life after this process. One of the biggest and most heart-wrenching parts of divorce is losing custody of a child. The thought of not being able to see them whenever you like is a tremendous burden. Even after a divorce, a very […]

How To Tell Your Children About Your Divorce

No parent ever wants to have to break the news of a divorce to their child. Unfortunately, with 40-50% of all marriages ending in divorce today, this is a common occurrence. Although it is natural to want to shield your child from all pain, some degree of agony is inevitable. The key to easing the […]

5 Leading Causes of Divorce in Utah

Divorce is a heavy process. This procedure can consume your thoughts and actions. While it seems like divorce is controlling your life, you’re probably thinking, “What caused us to get a divorce?” or “What brought us to this place in our relationship?” There are many causes for divorce, but significant life events, lack of commitment, […]